Madame vs Balboa

09 Jul

I believe the left side is Campsis × tagliabuana  Madame Galen. I’m not sure because it lacks the indentation often seen on the metals. The petals are smooth, like Madame Rosy but the leaves were dark. The right side is Campsis radicans ‘Monbol’ aka Balboa Sunset. I wanted to show the difference in size. The Balboa Sunset is growing in the yard. The Madame Galen is grown in tree form by someone else in the neighborhood.

IMG_0069 IMG_0080


Here are three different flowers:


From left to right: Balboa Sunset, an unknown orange Campsis radicans possibly straight species, Madame Rosy which is similar to Galen but is less vigorous


This is Madame Rosy: Large flower with smooth, erect petals and lighter, fuzzier foliage



Arrows point to the star-like indentations which are often attributed to Madame Galen



In any case, as far as fast growth and beauty, I don’t think anything can compare with any Campsis radicans.


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