Examining buds

08 Jul

Rather than typical Campsis radicans buds, Madame Rosy, Campsis ‘HOMR’ (C. radicans x C. grandiflora) buds look more like rosebuds:



A few days later the Madame Rosy begins to resemble typical Campsis radicans buds:



Per Sooner Plant Farm, where this specimen is from, “Madame Rosy is a hybrid of our native trumpet creeper (C. radicans) and C. grandiflora, is seedless and grows to 10′-15′ after 5 years.”  It grew slowly and only two feet in one season and is now budding. The leaves have a velvety texture and lighter, matte green color.

Flava buds:


Balboa Sunset ‘Monbal’ buds amongst flowers:


I’ve seen a hummingbird investigate the Balboa flowers; however, there’s currently a wealth of other nectar plants easier to nectar from.

Another Campsis radicans: 


A few days later:

IMG_0015 IMG_0014

This particular one is a uniformly creamy orange color although it doesn’t look like that in the photos. It was a small plant last year. The soil is hard clay





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