23 Jun

January 14th I started trying to germinate this Cordia sebestena Orange Geiger tree coconut-like seed initially indoors on a heat mat.  I was about to give up and plant something else when I discovered one of the seeds had finally started germinating.



I first saw this kind of tree in the Virgin Islands National Park.  I’m not sure if it is Cordia rickseckeri or Cordia sebestena. It was approximately 20 feet with a spreading, flower-filled canopy and several hummingbirds around it.

Here are the photos I took of the Cordia tree I saw. Unfortunately the limbs were entangled with other tree species so I could not get a clear shot of it.








This link leads to information about the Orange Manjack Cordia rickseckeri tree.

The closest seed I could find to Cordia rickseckeri is Cordia sebestena which is also known to be a hummingbird nectar source. Now, after six months, it’s finally germinating.

A few days later the seedling separated from half of the husk:

1 2


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