To plant or not to plant

20 Jun

It’s one thing to plant plants, it’s another to plant native plants.




According to the High Line’s official website they confess that less than half of the plants there are native species. Still, it was nice to see native Magnolias including prehistoric-looking Bigleaf Magnolia, Staghorn Sumac, and Serviceberry trees.





This is a Major Wheeler coral honeysuckle growing at the High Line in NYC:






As mentioned in previous posts, coral honeysuckle is a great hummingbird plant. Major Wheeler is a selection of the straight coral honeysuckle species, Lonicera sempervirens. I have both growing in the yard but I prefer the straight coral species for color nuance, larger flowers, larger flower clusters, and more vigorous growth; however, it’s nice to see any native coral honeysuckle instead of the non-native species.

Why are native species important? Here’s a very interesting if not concise lecture about it:


Hopefully, as the High Line continues planting, they’ll reconsider the importance of planting more native plants.











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