Getting ready for take off…

13 May

Mimosa leaves slowly unfurl.




More John Clayton honeysuckle trumpets prepare for the spring and summer symphonies. I’m hoping the vines will climb all the way up the mushroom trellis one day. In the meantime, I’ve planted some some annual vines below. Including a small Campsis Radicans. I thought I saw a hummingbird last week but it was fleeting. Hopefully a hummingbird will enjoy the blooms as much as I do.



In the distance Wisteria cascades in the breeze.


The first flower of a young Red Buckeye tree Aesculus pavia has opened. Native plant Virginia Creeper creeps in the background on the right. The foliage turns a beautiful red color in fall and the berries feed songbirds. Native Campsis Radicans, another hummingbird plant, creeps on the left. Clematis viorna Vasevine is the delicate vine in the center and the pink flowers are Dicentra Spectabilis.


This red buckeye is planted in mostly clay soil slightly amended with compost.



Redtwig dogwood is flowering. Honeysuckle cuttings and cardinal vine are planted at the bottom.


Beebalm rises near a baby vitex tree.


A Macfarlane (I think) lilac is budding. I placed it near the Red Buckeye hoping to give it additional shade. On the left, next to a bamboo marker, a Crocosmia Lucifer is a few inches tall.


The Tinkerbelle lilac is already in bloom. The scent is almost as good as butterfly bush which is a long way from flowering.

IMG_0074 IMG_0075


Redbud leaves enlarge and allium is now in full bloom.


The garden still waits for a consistent rise in temperature to really take off.


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