Finally, signs of Spring.

26 Mar

A few days ago a robin visited the yard and even had a morning drink at the solar fountain:


Since the nights are still freezing, I placed the solar panel in a container filled with bubble-wrap and put some plastic wrap on top for a little extra cold protection. The pump itself is insulated by the water depth: Only the top freezes.



Some red tulips planted last fall emerging:


Raking revealed lobelia cardinalis (red cardinal flower–a very hardy hummingbird favorite) already returning:

cardflowerDaffodils and Jacob Cline beebalm have started too. Evidently the beebalm had been quietly  multiplying in the rich soil of the newly created, raised circular bed:


Unlike Late Dutch woodbine which is fattening up it’s new growth buds first, Lonicera sempervirens ‘John Clayton’ may be unfurling too soon in its sunny spot:


Russian Red Kale sprouts in the coldframe are rising quickly:

coldframe1         IMG_0274


Here’s hoping for a swift and smooth spring arrival for hummingbird migration.











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